Realising breakthroughs in society is just as essential to us as the breakthroughs we achieve with our clients. In our experience business and society are closely connected. It’s about people. Because people make the difference - people take initiative, people champion ideals, people care for each other and the world around them.


The &samhoud foundation was founded based on that premonition with the aim to increase connection in the world and to inspire and connect people.


We deliberately choose to invest our time, energy and expertise in the &samhoud foundation and so take our responsibility for society very seriously, together with our clients, suppliers and friends.




The basis for the &samhoud foundation was laid in 2006 when &samhoud initiated the development of a vision for The Netherlands. We saw increased polarisation in The Netherlands – citizens no longer felt safe and had lost a sense of pride. Based on our experience with organisational vision and strategy development we understand that a vision inspires, gives focus and connects. So we thought that The Netherlands could use a vision. That was the birth of Vision21. Through this initiative &samhoud wanted to break the negative cycle and bring back a sense of pride and self-confidence in Dutch society. Over a period of seven months more than 30 public arenas were organised throughout the country, in which 2,500 citizens participated. In 2007 the vision resulting from this initiative was translated into a strategy in order to realise our country’s audacious goals by 2021. This strategy resulted in several societal projects, such as the youth cabinet, a coaching programme for teenage mothers and a lesson programme. And that has been the basis of the &samhoud foundation.

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